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Photoshop CC: Essentials

In this course, our Adobe Certified Instructor will guide you through the innovative new design tools in Adobe Photoshop CC. Besides the essential skills, you will learn blazingly fast retouching commands like the different warp commands, the new Blur Gallery, the camera Shake Reduction and many more enhanced features. This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to build up design skills to handle advertisement designs, image corrections, communication tools, marketing collaterals, websites etc.


Target Audience: New and basic users  | Prerequisite: Nil

Duration: 2 Days (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Download the course outline in PDF format

Essential Basics

  • Workspace overview, Tools Panel & Options Bar
  • Saving a customizing Workspace
  • Undoing steps in Photoshop
  • Zooming & panning an image


Adobe Bridge

  • Introduction to Adobe Bridge Workspace
  • Getting acquainted with the Panels
  • Previewing, rating & labelling images
  • Renaming multiple files with the Batch Rename command
  • Using the Slideshow


Selections and Transformations

  • Making a Selection using the Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand & Quick Selection Tools
  • Working smart with Auto-Select
  • Applying Transformation to a Selection
  • Improving a Selection with the Refine Edge command
  • Saving a Selection


Designing with Layers

  • Layers basics
  • Adding and removing layers
  • Controlling layers visibility
  • Changing stacking order of layers
  • Organizing content with Layer Groups
  • Adding labels to layers
  • Applying Layer Styles to layers
  • Using the Styles Panel
  • Create multiple layouts with Layer Comps
  • Merging layers to reduce image file size


Masking Techniques

  • Introduction to Masking in Photoshop
  • Saving selections as Alpha Masks
  • Making advanced selection with Quick Mask
  • Blending images with Layer Masks
  • Understanding the use of Clipping Mask
  • Using Masks to create creative composites
  • Applying masking with other Photoshop filters


Designing with Text & Path

  • Introduction to Paths and Shapes
  • Using Path as selection
  • Creating vector shapes in Photoshop
  • Applying dashed and dotted lines
  • Text fundamentals
  • Creative beautiful text layout with Text on Paths


Tonal and Color Adjustments

  • Removing unwanted Color Cast
  • Automatically adjusting Tonal & Contrast values
  • Modifying Hue & Saturation in an image
  • Repairing over & under exposed images
  • Apply non-destructive edits with Adjustment Layers


Effects and Enhancements

  • Warping a logo onto a product’s surface
  • Applying non-destructive effects with Smart Filters/Objects
  • Creating artistic effects and textures with the Filter Gallery


Retouch with Content-Aware

  • Removing unwanted elements from an image with Content-Aware Fill
  • Using Content-Aware Scale to resize an image without distortion
  • Understanding the use of Content-Aware Patch and Content-Aware Heal
  • Using Content-Aware Move to reposition an element in a photograph


Retouching Portraits

  • Stitching photographs into a Panorama
  • Cropping and straighten an image non-destructively
  • Cropping an image in perspective
  • Aligning multiple images automatically
  • Blending two images to reveal a perfect portrait
  • Removing red-eyes in a photograph
  • Modify a model’s pose with Puppet Warp
  • Beautifying a model’s contour & hair with the enhanced Liquify Filter
  • Removing Blemishes & Wrinkles with Spot Healing, Healing & Patch Tools
  • Blurring and Smoothening facial imperfections
  • Sharpening and Increasing focus in fine details
  • Adjusting a portrait’s Saturation and Tone
  • Repairing an image with the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Recomposing an image in perspective with Vanishing Point


Photoshop CC New Features

  • Learning about the new Camera Shake Reduction command
  • Using the all new Perspective Warp command
  • Creating motion blur using the new Blur Gallery
  • Discovering the other new features in Photoshop CC


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