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Instructions for completing the registration form

Please save the registration form to your computer:

Download Registration Form


Please refer to the instructions on how to complete the registration form:

1: Save the Registration Form in PDF
2: Open the Registration Form using a PDF Reader
3: Complete the Mandatory Sections
4: Submit the Form

Step 1: Save the Registration Form


1.1: The registration form is a PDF form, not an online form.

do not edit the pdf form in browser

1.2: Do NOT fill up the form using a web browser. (e.g. IE, Chrome and Firefox)

download pdf form  

1.3: Please download and save the registration form.

Step 2: Open the Registration Form using a PDF Reader


2.1: Ideally, complete the PDF form using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
       To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for desktop computer, please use the links below:

Download Acrobat Reader for Windows (Desktop version)

Download Acrobat Reader for Mac OS (Desktop version)

2.2: To download Acrobat Reader, please click the link above.
        If you need help on the installation, please refer to the Help for: Windows | Mac OS.

Step 3: Complete the Mandatory Sections


3.1: Complete the mandatory fields indicated by the red asterisks ( * ) for the:

required number of applicant(s)
  e.g. to register for 1 person, then complete ONLY 1 applicant section.

mandatory fills

required number of courses
  e.g. to register for 3 courses for 1 person, then complete 3 applicant sections with 3 different course titles.

Person-In-Charge / Coordinator Information section.

coordinator information

Step 4: Submit the Registration Form


4.1: Once completed, we recommend that you SAVE the form before submitting it.

4.2: Then click the “Submit Registration Form” button.

4.3: For Acrobat Reader: You will be prompted to choose the sending method.

Note: The images above are for referencing. The prompt may differ on different Acrobat Reader versions and computer OS.

4.4: To send by Webmail: Login to your email (e.g. Gmail) before clicking the "Continue" button in the prompt.