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testimonials from customers


Rowena Sim (Art Director, MIMS Singapore)

Han was able to answer all my questions and queries PLUS give me additional information that aided in my understanding of the Photoshop. I enjoyed his training and I feel that he is an excellent instructor. Thanks!


Adeline Gan Seok Chow (Video Editor, ESPN Star Sports)

In the 2 days training, Photoshop CC: Essentials had provided a very thorough insight on photo editing with Photoshop and I’m now confident in using the software.

As for my instructor Han, not only is he humorous and insightful, he is never lethargic, uninterested, or unprepared. He had never dismissed our questions in class; no questions asked seemed silly or wrong. He would always take them seriously and explain his answers patiently with useful examples.

Acadia had exceeded my expectations, I am glad to have learnt so much more than I thought I would, and I can hardly wait to apply my skills. I am also grateful that customers get to walk away with the provided course materials. Thank you very much!


Wendy Crouch (Editor for Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines at Yahoo Asia Pacific)

I had Ricky as my instructor for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign in both the Essentials and Advanced courses, and found him to be consistently knowledgeable in what he teaches.

Prior to this course, I only had hands-on experience with Photoshop and InDesign’s predecessor, Adobe PageMaker, and had absolutely zero knowledge in graphics design. Ricky made it very easy to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each software, and made sure we all understood how to best utilise each one in a very practical sense.

I also took up two other courses with Acadia Training - Adobe Photoshop (Essentials and Advanced) to improve my skills in the software, and the HTML5 and CSS course, though under a different instructor. Having attended all these courses at Acadia, I can honestly say that training with them is the time and money well spent. The courses are very well-designed and cover a lot of ground that it is impossible for one to walk out of there without learning something new. The instructors are very dedicated and passionate about what they do, and they are certainly also very experienced and quite generous about sharing what they know.

As a media professional, I would highly recommend Acadia’s courses to anyone, especially to those who work in industries that deal with audiences.


Toh Hy-Cin (Lecturer-Mentor, ITE)

I have been recommending Acadia Training (both instructors Ricky & Han) to all my friends who are interested in Adobe design softwares. The one thing that sets Acadia apart from the rest is the generosity that the company extends to all who attend the course - the option of attending refresher courses up to a year. It simply shows that Acadia truly understands what it takes for someone to attain mastery and its commitment to that level of mastery for every student.

As a teaching practitioner myself, I am exceptionally impressed by Ricky's ability to explain difficult concepts using appropriate and simple daily life examples as metaphors. For example, I thought the use of "transparencies" overlapping one another to explain the concept of how layers work in Adobe softwares to be absolutely brilliant. Another one would be the use of photos in "photo frames" to teach us how to handle the maneuvering of photos and frames in InDesign. Only someone who has a great depth of knowledge of the subject matter will be able to break down very complicated and difficult concepts into something that his students can easily connect with and therefore understand.

In summary, Ricky's training has always been consistently awesome and I look forward to seeing him again in June for Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for everything as always!


Ng Sui Ling (Creative Lead Designer, Ricoh Asia Pacific)

I have taken several courses under the guidance of Han and always look forward to having him as the instructor. A warm, friendly and engaging tutor, who never fails to liven up the class and keep us engaged throughout the day. Han's immense knowledge of his subject, coupled with his positive energy makes his students feel comfortable to ask questions no matter how trivial it is. A great instructor with a great attitude who inspires one to keep learning.


Karen Chu (Brand Marketing Manager, Mediacorp Pte Ltd - Mediacorp Creators Network, Digital Group)

I attended the Photoshop CC: Essential coursefrom 14 to 15 Dec 201, having already learnt some basic Photoshop (decades ago!). The idea was to refresh myself with some already forgotten techniques and then perhaps to equip myself with newer ones. I must say the course far exceeded my expectations in that aspect! While the basics are covered and the notes given are more than adequate, the instructor Han made it a very enjoyable and relatable learning journey by sharing his real-life working experience as a designer for clients, so that the class is usually kept awake and engaged, without much need to refer to the notes.

Han was also very forthcoming in explaining the pros and cons of the software, and tried his best to address many of our questions in a simple and engaging manner. He is clearly a very well-certified Adobe practitioner as can be seen from his clear articulation of the topic/software. It also helps that he is very attentive to the learning speed of the students by constantly checking to see if all of us are following him (which most of us are) before moving on to the next topic/point.

I seldom attend classes with such light-heartedness and left with such satisfaction. This course is definitely right up there and I would not hesitate to recommend Acadia and Han to anyone who is interested to upgrade their skill set or acquire a new skill. The course has made me more confident in using Photoshop and it has also enabled me to perform my job better as I can now whip up simple editing stuff for my corporate website in a short turnaround time.


Audrey Chen (Editor, Ministry of Education)

InDesign: Essentials was a very helpful course and I feel it imparted a good grounding in the basics of the software. Knowledge of how to use the software will come in useful in my job, and certainly for the future, within the publishing industry.

Ricky is very knowledgeable about the software, and was very responsive and engaging during the two-day course; I think everybody felt comfortable approaching him with questions. Overall, it is a good course.


Susan A Swyny (Senior Editorial Assistant, Singapore Airlines)

Han is very friendly and has such a cheerful disposition. He keeps the introduction about himself short and sweet, and also the class introductions so that we all can focus on what we are there for -- to learn how to use the software!

I can sense his passion for teaching. He's very knowledgeable, articulate and patient -- always ready to help anyone in the class who gets "stuck"; and never makes anyone feel foolish for asking what, to him may, must be simple questions.

I also like his teaching style, and the fact that he goes beyond the text book, and gives us tips and throws in a video or two relating to design and the industry, and the full capabilities of the software we are learning! It stimulates interest; and also keeps us alert, especially after lunch!

I had some questions about Photoshop -- in relation to my work -- and he willingly stayed back for a while at the end of the day to discuss the issue with me, and offered suggestions on how to overcome the problem. He also suggested that I send my workflow to him so he could analyze where I tripped up. But, that wasn't necessary as the tips he offered solved the problem for me. That's dedication!

Thanks, Han!


Allan Tee (Independent Advisor - Business Development / Strategic Business Review)

Ricky gave a great presentation in the two days in Photoshop CC: Esentials. Everything is now crystal clear with your excellent explanation and practical examples. Good to be able to attend the refresher, very beneficial. Look forward to attending the Photoshop advanced course.


Sharmila Kanaga (Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic - Design School)

I underwent the Adobe Illustrator Essentials and Advanced training for 3 consecutive days with Han as the trainer for both courses.

The topics covered in the Essentials Course were relevant and useful in providing new users a basic understanding of the software. The material was structured well such that in the short timespan, we were able to get a quick overview of the basics and various tools available.

The Advanced course was a natural progression and built up on the skills we learnt during the Essentials course. The group size was small enough for the lesson to progress without much delays, and for trainer to attend to our queries individually if needed.

Han was a great trainer. He was friendly, enthusiastic and professional; keeping the class environment fun and engaging. He took the time to explain the concepts to us and show us the various methods to achieve desired outcomes.

Thank you for the great session, it was most beneficial to me - especially for someone without prior Adobe Illustrator training.


Tham Sin Chee (Senior Production Editor, John Wiley & Sons Pte Ltd)

Excellent delivery of the InDesign course content by Ricky - logical flow of content, timing, cross-references to earlier discussion on the topic, etc.


Ye Wanqian (Assistant Production Editor, John Wiley & Sons Pte Ltd)

Ricky is a very patient instructor who is attentive and is able to keep the InDesign: Essentials course interesting throughout. Lessons are kept easy to understand and he is also very knowledgeable in what he is teaching.


Jean Tan Peck​​ Hoon (Publicity Executive, Nanyang Technological University SCSE - MARCOM & Publicity)

Han is a great trainer. He is approachable and professional; often shares relevant tips throughout the course. He took the time to explain the concepts to us and show us the various methods to achieve desired outcomes during the 2 days course - Photoshop CC: Essentials. Topics covered in the course were definitely relevant and beneficial to me. I enjoyed the course very much. Thanks to Han and I would like to return to Acadia for other courses.


Amnah Said (Assistant Manager, Nanyang Technological University)

Thank you Ricky for sharing the knowledge with us and providing useful tips in Photoshop which would assist in our work!


Eunice Koh (Personal Assistant, Transit Link Pte Ltd)

Han is a highly enthusiastic trainer. He gives clear and easy to follow instructions which makes the lessons in the Adobe Muse training easy to follow. He provides opportunities to ask questions and makes sure no one is left behind in the hands-on experiments. Thank you, Han, for the fruitful learning experience.


Dr. Veronique Blanc (Senior Program Manager,
SMART - Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology & CENSAM - Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling)

I recommend all beginners/intermediate in Web design to attend Intro to HTML5 & CCS3 and Dreamweaver: Essentials. Han is so knowledgeable and such a good instructor that you will be able to build and properly organized your own website in no time. Course materials are excellent. I look forward to attending the refresher class!


Shireen Ong (Management Assistant Officer, National University of Singapore)

The 2 days Dreamweaver: Essential course is indeed a refresher course for me under the trainer, Han who is very knowledgeable, patient, sincere and approachable. Acadia Training is very comprehensive and our time invested in it is well worth and words cannot describe it. The course has certainly enhanced my skills in the field. Han, keep up your good work and I will recommend it to my friends.


Tan Ai Lian (Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic - School of Information Technology)

The Dreamweaver course is very useful for all who like to learn how to start website creation.


Christof Luda (Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic)

I enjoyed InDesign: Essentials and learnt a lot. Ricky was keen to explain lots of things and made it a point to find out on the more difficult questions which didn't belong to the essential course. I am looking forward to the next course.


Lim Ee Jek (Lecturer, ITE)

I signed up for the Photoshop CC: Essentials course as I would like to take my department's collateral to the next level by delivering high-impact and quality marketing materials. The need for image manipulation skills has also become a requirement in many sectors these days.

I found the course to be very easy to follow, especially as I am not very computer literate. The instructor, Han, ensured that everyone was able to learn at the same pace and would be very encouraging and helpful to those who required additional help from him.

Han also went out of his way by helping us work through any subjects that we required further information or understanding. He is very experienced had no hesitation in answering all questions fired at him.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested to pick up a new computer skill.


Ang-Ng Foon Foon (Lecturer, ITE-College East)

The instructor is very knowledgeable, effective, approachable and very willing to answer questions posed by participants.


Ho Yan Hao (Graphic Artist, Singapore Press Holdings)

Han is an excellent instructor who articulated the nuances of the modern web workflow clearly during the 2 day Responsive Web Design using Adobe Muse CC course which I attended. Gaining an understanding to how responsive web design works is definitely a good skillset to have in our department as print is transitioning towards digital.

Han's presentation style also works well for explaining the shortcomings of using certain workflows and this allows to pick the path that is best suitable for my work.

Overall I had a great time in the course and won't hesitate to recommend Acadia to my friends within the industry too.


Hazel Lin (Promotions & Visual Merchandising Manager, Clarins)

InDesign: Essentials provides a quick understanding on the basic skills and how to use the software in a short period of time; very fruitful 2 days!


Chan Herng Wei (Assistant Director, Singapore Department of Statistics)

As I sat through the 2-day training with Han, I realised that he has given us more than a foundational "know-how" training on Illustrator. He has also taught us smarter ways to use the software, imparted a fascination of how the Illustrator works to improve the designers's work (and lives), and generously shared industry insights with us. I left the training equipped with confidence and a keen curiosity to start using the software for design work professionally as well as personally. Thank you, Han!


Christine Flor (Publishing Manager, Global Yellow Pages - previously known as "Yellow Pages Singapore")

The learning process for all the courses attended was made very easy. Han is a very effective instructor as he would relate the concepts to current-day practices. Classroom lighting was good enough and the snacks served was more than enough to go around. I will recommend this course to my colleagues.

Great job, Acadia and Han! Thank you!


Tan Mui Ling (Supervisor, Global Yellow Pages - previously known as "Yellow Pages Singapore")

Dreamweaver: Essentials is very informative and easy to understand. Being a beginner myself, I was apprehensive at first and worried that I would not be able to grasp the concepts taught in the class. However, Han is a good trainer who is able to make the class simple and easy to follow. He is also very friendly and I would not hesitate to approach him if I have any difficulties.


Kelly Ng (Marketing Manager, DHL Supply Chain)

After attending the Illustrator Essentials course, I'm now able to confidently create and edit simple marketing materials. Han is an experienced instructor who constantly provide real examples to demonstrate how we could practically apply what we are learning to our work. I highly recommend this course!

In Photoshop Essentials, what I found really useful are the tips and examples of Han's previous work experience in the design industry, then the shortcut or better way to do certain things besides from what's mentioned in the textbook, and lastly th additional examples shared to further improve our understanding of the software concept and features. Time management is excellent too, there were enough breaks throughout the day which helps us in following the training easier.


Hubert Kurzweil (Senior Researcher, Singapore Botanic Garden)

I enjoyed the course Photoshop CC: Essentials, and the knowledge gained will greatly help me in my future work performance. My level of understanding and proficiency in the topic/software definitely improved considerably while completing the course. Many of the topics covered in the course are relevant to my work. Our instructor was not only very helpful but also knowledgeable in the subject.


Esther Chan (Senior Executive, The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources)

I'm glad I've gone for Illustrator: Essentials as it really helped me understand the design techniques and what goes on behind the scene for every design that I see on the street. It also boosts my confidence to design stuff for work at work.

Han has been really helpful and patient; he is diligent in making sure everyone is comfortable and understands the course throughout the two days. When we asked questions that were out of the course syllabus, he did not stop us; he went on to guide us and went all out to ensure we get our queries and curiosity satisfied.

I would want to continue learning other Adobe softwares under him and if possible, recommend him as a trainer to my peers.


Samantha Low (Customer Service Executive, Central Provident Fund Board)

I attended the Photoshop CC: Essentials course to learn some basic Photoshop skills, and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

Han has a direct and easy-to-understand presentation style, an ever-smiley face and was always patient with us. I was immensely impressed by his teaching style, and the fact that he goes beyond the syllabus, and gives us tips and tricks where possible. For example, the "textbook method" (which he would still run through) would have five steps, but he would show us how we can get the job done with three steps, and share his own style whereby we can get there in just two steps. I appreciate Han's sharing as we'd then have a few different options to choose from, depending on our own preferences. Han's evidently well-versed in PS, as he'd also teach us things that he came across through his own 'trial and error' experiences - e.g. how to get around certain bugs in PS. He definitely value-added by sharing his shortcuts and personal experiences. I applaud Han for his enthusiasm in this subject matter.

Environment: The course location was clean & tidy, and there was a lovely pantry at the back of the class, so that we can grab a quick coffee or snacks, whilst still being in class! How's that for not missing out!

Location: I liked that the course location was at the CBD area - pretty central location and upon course confirmation, they'd send a map with very detailed instructions on how to get there. Delightful initiative taken!

Overall, it was an enriching & enlightening experience, and I would recommend it for beginners & as a refresher for those who are well-versed in Adobe Photoshop.

I would say that my level of understanding and proficiency in Photoshop CC improved after completing the course, and the topics covered in the course were practical, easy to implement and relevant to my work - in producing collaterals.



Deborah Hewes (Head - Publicity & Publication, Dyslexia Association of Singapore)

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel empowered to use Photoshop! Happy to note that a refresher is available as well as adhoc support! Thanks! Han you were great!


Malcolm Chen (Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager - Asia, Millennium Hotels and Resorts)

Han is a very experienced designer and coach. Initially I was apprehensive of my proficiency in Illustrator before the course. He is a very patient instructor and often shares relevant tips that are outside of the syllabus. Thanks to Han's coaching and encouragement, I'm able to have more confident to do my advertising designs.


Felicia Ng (Senior Industrial Performance Executive, Wyeth Nutrition Singapore)

I enjoyed Photoshop CC: Essentials conducted by Mr Han on 12-13 Apr. Mr Han is able to explain and give a good understanding on each of the Photoshop function. Also, he is good in controlling the time and pace for each of his learner.

My level of understanding in Photoshop has improved. However, lots of practice needed to make it perfect. I like the idea of refresher training provided by Acadia because that assured me that help is not far away and I can "re-learn" if needed.

Mr Han is an excellent trainer and I would like to return to Acadia for other courses.


Viswanathan Karthikeyan (Solutions Specialist, M1)

The course was very helpful and great. My understanding of Adobe Illustrator has improved and will have a big impact to my industry. The instructors mode of delivery was good, fun and positive. All in all it has met and exceeded my expectations. Thumbs up for Han!!


Shanice Hoon (Account Manager, Trusted Source Pte Ltd - member of Temasek Management Services Group)

As a Marketing Executive, at times I will be assigned to create brochures and electronic direct mails. Due to insufficient experience in design and photo editing skills other than mere cropping and adjusting of brightness, coupled with the lack of software knowledge, it was challenging to come up with presentable and professional-looking marketing collaterals. The course had been an eye-opening session that equipped me with the knowledge on basic Photoshop functions.

To sum it up, here are some aspects that I have gained from Photoshop CC: Essentials:

- A structured understanding on the workspace within the software, the various tools and how to use them effectively.

- Step-by-step guide and many hands-on opportunities in editing photos and piecing together various image sources to form meaningful collateral.

- Editing skills that I can take back and apply to my work in an effective manner.

- Instructor Han Guangwen has paced the session well and threw in relevant real-life examples, allowing us to better relate to the applicability of the editing tools. He will also take the time to ensure that he addresses our individual questions and sees that we are keeping up with the pace of the class.

All in all, it is now less daunting to use the software and I have greater confidence and appreciation for the capabilities of Photoshop.

I would recommend to anyone who has little or no Photoshop skills/experience and would like a crash course. It was a fun and useful 2-days session.


Muhamad Ruzaini Bin Zainal Abidin (Manager, Marketing & Publicity at Twedya Communications)

Dear Han Guangwen, thank you for your guidance throughout the Illustrator CC: Essentials course. It has been an honour to have you as my instructor. I really appreciate what you have done for our class. Frankly speaking, I am not able to find any weaknesses in terms of your skills, knowledge or delivery of the course. You have always ensured that we comprehend what you are teaching and you provide additional help when necessary. Points are being brought across clearly in class. Feedback is precise so that we know where and how we made our mistakes. Your expertise in the course is evident from the separate examples you provide us outside the textbook and your ability to answer every question we pose to you. You have far exceeded my expectations of a course instructor.

On the whole, thank you very much. Overall, I am very much truly satisfied with the quality of training and service that you have provided us with. I would describe the course experience as fun, engaging and rewarding. Even though you are nice to us, you will still challenge us to do our best in order for us to take home more from this course.

I truly thank you for this experience and I hope to be able to get the privilege to study under you in future courses. I am confident the next batch of students will get to enjoy and appreciate the lessons conducted by you, as much as I did.


David Sher (Managing Director, NMT Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd)

Photoshop - I attended the 2-day Adobe Photoshop CC: Essential course so that I can pick up some photo editing skills on images needed in my product packaging, brochures, leaflets and other designing works. The skills learned are beyond my expectation as the trainer (Ricky Soh) has given us extra tips and skills which are only available in advanced course. He also shared with us freebies on websites related to Adobe Photoshop and his design-related hobby. Now, we realize that there are so much wonders we do on images with Adobe Photoshop! The lessons were conducted in very informal approach and all trainees were very participative. The practices during the course were relevant to our daily needs. I have already recommended my colleagues and friends to attend Acadia's courses.

Illustrator - I attended the course with the objective of picking up some adobe digital drawing skills to enhance my daily marketing works such as designing product packaging, brochure, leaflet, and trade show backdrop. Although I'm not the person executing the designing works but I need to speak the same language when liaising with design houses and staff, and communicate my ideas to the service providers. The course trainer (Han Guangwen) is very friendly, passionate about design, willing to share and helpful to ensure that we understand the essential skills during the 2-day course. He also shared with us about his designing experience and freebies available to improve our understanding about adobe softwares and interesting works. The training room is very cozy with a small pantry corner of unlimited supply of beverages and small snacks. The training venue is also very convenient with access to MRT station and bus stops.


Juniper Foo (Senior Manager, Energy Market Authority)

Kudos to the instructor Han for being passionate and knowledgeable about Photoshop. It certainly made learning fun. The workshop Photoshop: Advanced was also chockabloc with techniques and loads of tips and demos, which can be overwhelming even over two days. However, Acadia provides free refreshers for as long as the courses are conducted, so that is definitely a plus point. Overall, I would recommend colleagues to check out Acadia's offerings, particularly those under Han.


Varun Ramdas (Senior Energy Manager, Maersk Drilling)

I was completely a green horn to Photoshop and after the training I feel confident and comfortable with the software's function. The topics covered were relevant and also added much more scope which could bring improved ways of working in my organization. Learning never stops and I am certain such tools would always benefit an organization no matter what their business is.

The trainer Han was very proficient of course but also very adaptive to the participants learning ability and coach them in ways that are comfortable and easy to understand. I would certainly encourage companies to consider Acadia and it's course menu to train their employees to newer applications.


Lydia Pavlova (Stainability and Comms Manager, The China Navigation Company)

I got a lot out of this InDesign: Advanced as it allowed me to improve my InDesign skills. The training materials are very helpful too. A huge thank you to Ricky for answering all my questions and being very patient!


Samantha Gilbertson (Visual Merchandising Manager, Chopard Asia)

Han is an excellent instructor who keeps the class interested at all levels. I have learnt many tools in which I can use to fulfil my working role more efficiently. Many thanks Han, don't lose your infectious enthusiasm towards the Adobe programs. See you again soon! Thank you!


Janice Liang (Senior Executive, Toll Global Forwarding)

The 6 days put in to learning Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, both essential and advanced levels, have been well-invested! I started out not knowing anything about both softwares but completed the courses with a clear understanding that has helped me tremendously in my work to create marketing materials. The course materials provided were also adequate to support me as I work on projects after the course. From not knowing anything, after the course, I could already produce a decent marketing brochure.

Ricky and Han are professional, skilled and patient trainers, which shows during class even when difficult questions are posed. It was a certainly a joy to learn under them!


Wong Yee Wen (Management Associate, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Pte Ltd)

Han was a patient and approachable instructor and taught us many useful tips throughout the course. The course increased my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator by a lot and i'm sure it will prove to be useful in my course of work. Thanks for being bright and cheerful and livening up the course, Han! :)

Li Kaiyi (Regional Marketing Comm Executive, Geberit SEA Pte Ltd)

Ricky is extremely patient in addressing all our questions and he has very in-depth knowledge of the InDesign program. I have learnt a lot during the course that would be very useful for my work. Look forward to learning more during the Illustrator course.


Hilary Lee (Owner, Nutcrackers - Insight and Analysis)

The Adobe Illustrator CC: Essentials course was a solid introduction to the basics of AI and helped enormously in raising my skill level from total novice to a competent beginner. The instruction over two days was focused and dynamic, with well designed content that was both theoretical but also very hands-on, which assisted considerably with building confidence and capability. Our instructor was considerate and patient and made sure the whole class had absorbed the requisite skill before moving to the next one. I would thoroughly recommend Acadia for anyone looking to enhance their own skills.


Chris Ngon (Fundraising and Events Officer, Publicity & Publication at Dyslexia Association of Singapore)

Ricky is humble and willing to share. It's an informative session even if a student has some background in Photoshop. I learnt many new stuff!


Zoe-Anne Teo (Marketing and Operations Executive, ONEPIP Group)

Attended the Photoshop Advanced course, also under Ricky. He is very good at giving tips and recommending websites to aid in the use of the software. In the InDesign Essentials course, he is very clear and concise in his explanations, that even though the learning curve for InDesign is relatively high, I had no problem learning the basics for InDesign.

Will strongly recommend my peers/colleagues who wishes to take up Adobe courses to join his classes.


Wendy Crouch (Former Editor for Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines at Yahoo Asia Pacific)

I came across Acadia Training while looking for a course that would give a comprehensive training on Photoshop. Although I have used the software for years, I did not have a strong foundation and therefore did not have an effective and efficient workflow in place.

Acadia’s course covers a comprehensive foundation for basic workflow and introduces the power (and limitations) of the software in Photoshop CC: Essentials, while Photoshop CC: Advanced covers tips and techniques that will improve your basic workflow.

I had the good fortune of having one instructor for both the Essentials and Advance course. Han is not only an experienced instructor, he is also one of those people who believes in continuous learning, thus he approaches the course as both a teacher and a student. He is very personable and generous about sharing his knowledge and know-how – a mark of someone confident in his own skills.

I learned a lot from Han and highly recommend the courses at Acadia Training.


Muhammad Fadhil Bin Ibrahim (IT Communication Executive, Acez Instruments Pte Ltd)

Attended both Illustrator Essentials and Advanced. I must say Han is an excellent trainer with in-depth knowledge and expertise. For every topic that we are learning, he made sure that we understand the functions fully and also made the effort to explain in details how relevant it is to apply to our daily job scope. He is also very patient with our questions. After the course, I am very confident of using Illustrator and help out with the artworks and EDMs that I need to create.

Overall, I rate Acadia 5/5 for its skilled and efficient instructors and excellent training I received.

Hope to enroll in more training with Acadia soon!


Ng Mun Yee (Marketing Executive, The Salad Shop)

Ricky was able to share tips which is not included in the course to enhance our learning.


Yeo Soon Huat, Mark Christopher (Driver Communication Officer, CityCab Pte Ltd)

Han elaborates in details which is easier to digest. He understands the needs of every individual participant and I value his prompt action which has help me develop a better understanding for Adobe Flash.

So good job!


Tan Lin Choo (Secretary, Adam Road Presbyterian Centre)

I have gained a much deeper understanding in this interesting subject. I find the topics covered to be very practical and relevant. The course significantly improves my design skills in the area of my work - mostly creating newsletter and posters.

I enjoy the class conducted by Mr Han very much as he is a helpful and friendly instructor. He is always patient to all our questions and he is one instructor that I find very knowledgable in the software.


Samuel Tay En Zhong (Director, Alpha Marketing Solutions Pte Ltd)

Photoshop: Essentials is a very good course that offers great value for money. The course is well structured and the class size facilitates discussion.


Max Lim (Executive Director, 1st Property Pte Ltd)

With all things being positive, I would not mention about how good my instructor Han is. What make you special was I can feel that you are sincere about teaching, and you sincerely hope that we can master the skill after the lesson.


Sharon Lee (Marketing Designer, DesignOne)

I have learnt much more on the various tools that Illustrator has and whether I use them, it’s comforting to know where they are and how to use them. I find that Acadia Training is more comprehensive and there were a lot more being taught here than I previously learnt elsewhere. You will feel your time will be worth it and the course has certainly enhanced my skills in the field. The class material is easy to refer back if you’d like to practice the lessons again at home, and yes the curry puffs for our tea breaks are yummy!


Kim Tay (Program Coordinator, Swimfast Aquatic Group)

This is a great basic Illustrator course - I came out of this course having a greater understanding of the software and enhanced knowledge which helped to make my work more efficient.


Edmund Quek (Communication & Outreach Executive, Samaritans Of Singapore)

Topics covered in the course were definitely relevant and beneficial. Even though I may not be in a specialist graphic design capacity at work, the knowledge gained aids in my area of work as a Communications and Outreach Exec. The trainer, Han, is approachable and experienced, adding value to the course overall. Recommended for those wishing to add new skills to their portfolio.


Priscilla Tan (Marketing Executive, JK Technology)

The training is very concise, Han was very patient and professional in the training. Even as a beginner, I don't feel lost in the whole Illustrator: Essentials course and I feel well equipped from all the things that I have learnt. I am excited to put all that I have learnt into my workplace.


Lynn Yeo (Freelance Photographer & Designer)

I must say that the courses at Acadia were really benecial for me because I see myself using the skills that I've learned during the course the next day at work! I have had some knowledge in Photoshop before joining the Essentials and Advanced course at Acadia but thought that my foundation just wasn't strong and workflow was messy but Han has cleared a lot of my questions and doubts that I had before I joined the course and I am very appreciative of that. The knowledge that I have learned has helped to improve my photos and design and I am more confident of producing better quality work for my company and clients in the near future. Han is really patient and he conducts his classes really well. I highly recommend Acadia if you're looking to take up Photoshop/Illustrator courses.


Andrea Liu (Owner, Frolik Pte Ltd)

A really good intensive 2 days beginners to intermediate course for Illustrator. As a beginner I didn't expect to learn so much in only 2 days. The instructor was engaging and kept the pace of the course just right. It has opened my eyes to design and the wonderful world of Adobe!


Suasti Lye (Owner, Suasti Lye Photography)

The course was great and Han answered all questions thrown at him. His ability to keep things upbeat was also great as was his energy. Much appreciated.


Zhao Yiting (Founder & President, Drone Club, Temasek Unmanned Aerial Vehicle laboratory@NUS)

Before I came to this course, I was doing self-learning on Illustrator using Youtube since I was asked by my internship company to do product brochure. However, I faced some problems here and there while I am studying on my own which had badly affected the efficiency of my work . I spending quite a lot of time trying to do troubleshooting through online searching.

When I attended a workshop conducted by Mr.Han who was invited by my university to teach Design Principles 101 and Photoshop, I realised a workshop taught by professional and experienced trainer can really help me not only quickly pick software skills but also learn shortcuts to save me lots of time on designing. Mr.Han 's expertise and patience in helping me to solve my problems during the introductory workshop in my university make me want to learn more . Therefore, I decided to sign up for more courses from Acadia Training to go through systematic training on Adobe software.

It is also really really a fruitful course after going through Illustrator Essentials even though I have done self-learning on Illustrator before through Youtube. I have learnt many things from Mr.Han which I missed out in my self-learning. I wish I could come to this course earlier which can really speed up my design work. Besides learning all the essential content of Illustrator, Mr.Han also help us to foresee what kind of problems we may face while using certain tools and teach us solutions. Since I have many questions about digital design and software tools, Mr.Han kindly stayed back after the lesson to answer my questions until very late , advice me with his rich experience as well as helping me with my design work.

After the lesson, when I face some problems in my design or using the software, Mr.Han is the expert I always put hope on and get help and advice. I am really grateful for attending his course and getting to know a professional , experienced and kind trainer! Looking forward to his advanced workshop later this month!


Nurshahiddin Abdul Rasid (Individual)

Our trainer Han was outstandingly swift in delivering information, and was able to answer all of the class' (seemingly advanced) enquiry (which I was unaware off) about Adobe Illustrator - both its capabilities and limitations, and its relationship with other compatible software. With that, he shared his vast, personal experience in the Graphic design industry, (and shortcuts!) that gave us useful insight to help our understanding as we take our skills further. On top of broadening my perspective and skill, I am now confident of incorporating Illustrator into my work.


Macie Tan (Individual)

Before attending the course, I had already been using Photoshop for some time. My skills were mainly picked up by self study online.

Coming for the Photoshop: Essentials course was a right choice as it gave me a comprehensive and structured understanding of the concepts behind the various tools and commands. Previously, I only used 1 or 2 tools as I did not know how to use the full range of tools effectively. After the course, I am able to use all the tools more effectively for editing photos and even creating simple collaterals for my work!

The instructor is very friendly and helpful, which made learning easy, even for beginners or those with very little knowledge. The class is very interactive and hands on which gives us lots of time to practice and familiarise the tools ourselves.

The course totally met my expectation and I would greatly recommend it to beginners and even those who have been using photoshop. Thank you


Jeremy Puah (Individual)

The Illustrator: Essentials course was really interesting and I ended up learning much more than I expected. My trainer, Han, was very helpful in answering questions and he ensured that every single participant in class is capable of executing what was taught before moving on. Design concepts are made easier to understand when he shared how they are applied in existing ads and past projects.

As an user of Adobe Illustrator himself, Han gave us many tips to improve our efficiency while reducing the likelihood of mistakes. Although I am just a beginner, this course gave me confidence in my proficiency in using Illustrator. There are resources provided to ensure that I can refresh concepts whenever required.

I'm glad I made the decision to take up this course and I'll definitely look for Acadia Training should I have any training needs on Adobe programs!


Alessandro Perlini (Individual)

For someone that had no previous experience in web coding, I found the course Intro to HTML5 & CSS3 extremely useful, as it gave me the bases of the subject matter and hopefully i will be able to improve my knowledge in HTML and CSS. I found that HAN was a great teacher and kept the class attentive the whole time, thanks for the experience!


Den Poh (Individual)

After attending Photoshop: Essentials, i have learnt alot of the features and technique for using photoshop efficiently. I feel that i ready to apply what i have learn to my photography. Good job to the instructor, Han for making this course with abundant of examples and making it interesting. The course is easy to follow without missing out the technical details.


Nur Amira Binte Sadiran (Individual)

As a beginner to Illustrator, the lesson Illustrator: Essentials taught me new skills that has proven to be useful in my course of work. The pace was perfect and Han even ensured to include tips that are useful in CS6 (as some of us were using CS6 at work). His level of energy and patience made me feel comfortable to seek clarifications when necessary.


Lin Jingyi (Individual)

The trainer gave us very useful and practical tips on how to apply the skills/techniques learnt (particularly the shortcuts part). The content covered was quite comprehensive. GREAT JOB and I'll recommend it to my friends!


Chow Xin Ying (Individual)

Before attending the course, using photoshop has always been a huge headache. The Photoshop CC: Essentials course has equipped me with the relevant skills needed to maneuver the software. Training was carried out at a manageable pace and the instructor was very patient and helpful with our enquiries. I believe that these skills will surely help me in the future!


Tan Wei Min Kenny (Individual)

It was an eye-opening experience for me! While the program itself is complex, the experienced instructor had made it an easy journey for me. Mr Han was attentive to our needs, and took great care of us. He ensured that all of us had a good understanding of the chapter before he moved to the next. In short, it was money well-spent ! Thank you very much!!!