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adobe animate course - essentials level

Adobe Animate CC: Essentials

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to design animated content with interactivity, like web banners and ads. In the course, you will learn to plan and create expressive animations in Adobe Animate CC. You will learn to start a project for your requirement, design graphic assets using the wide array of tools and commands, import existing materials, incorporate images, web links and rich media content, such as video, audio and interactive controls. By the end of the course, you will ready to optimize your content and publish it to the World Wide Web and other various media.


Target Audience: New and basic users  | Prerequisite: Basic I.T. skill

Duration: 2 Days (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Course OutlineDownload in PDF format

Getting Started

  • Introduction to Adobe Animate CC
  • Workspace Overview
  • Get Acquainted with Timeline, Stage and Panels


Planning & Setting Up Your Project

  • Start a New Adobe Animate Project
  • Determine the Ideal Format for Your Requirement
  • Know When to Use the Various Document Types
  • Optimize the File Settings for your Project
  • Customize the Stage Dimension and Color


Working with Symbols

  • Review the Various Benefits of using Symbols
  • Know the Differences Between MovieClip, Buttons & Graphic Symbols
  • Create, Edit & Manage Symbols
  • Make Instant Changes Across A File with Symbols
  • Design a Button Symbol for Interactivity


Designing & Preparing Graphics

  • Create & Modify Graphics using Essential Tools
  • Understand how Each Type of Graphics Behaves
  • Select Different Types of Graphics Effectively
  • Manipulate Shapes to Get Unique Appearances
  • Decorate with Colors, Gradients, Effects & Filters
  • Modify Objects with Various Commands & Panels
  • Know what Bitmap & Vector Graphics are
  • Import Additional Assets to Your Project
  • Manage Your Assets using The Library Panel


Working with Text

  • Appreciate Static, Dynamic & Input Text
  • Create a text field with text-wrapping
  • Explore the various text settings


Embedding Rich Media Content

  • Find out which Video & Audio Files are Supported
  • Add Sound Effects & Music to Your Animation
  • Embed Videos Compatible For Web Browsing
  • Configure the Video Playback Experience


Creating Animation & Interactivity

  • Determine the Appropriate Frame Rate
  • Learn about Shape, Classic & Motion Tweens
  • Manage Your Animation Content using Layers
  • Create A Morphing Animation using Shape Tween
  • Create A Loop Animation with Nested Elements
  • Control the Tween Path using a Guide
  • Learn to Create a Looping Animation
  • Add Controls & Interactivity using Actions
  • Utilize Code Snippets For Actions
  • Add a Stop Action to the Timeline
  • Create & Handle Actions for Playback Controls
  • Incorporate Web Links in Your Animation
  • Create Advanced Animation with Masking


Publishing Your Animation

  • Optimize the Publish Settings For The Output
  • Preview & Test the Performance
  • Publish to HTML5 Canvas for the Web
  • Export to OAM for Adobe Dreamweaver CC


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