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After Effects CC: Essentials

After Effects CC, the tool of choice for many professionals for animation & video post-production, allows users to design & deliver professional motion graphics & visual effects for film, TV, video, & web. In this three-day workshop, you will learn topics starting with the use of the interface, layers, keyframes, masking, and media management. You will also have the opportunity to explore other tools such as the puppet tools, the roto brush tool, including 3D effects and rendering your project for output.


Target Audience: New and basic users  | Prerequisite: Basic I.T. skill

Duration: 3 Days (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Course OutlineDownload in PDF format


  • About After Effects
  • Knowing about the system requirements
  • Understanding the After Effects workflow
  • Organising & managing asset files


About the Workspace

  • Getting familiar with the workspace
  • Customising After Effects preferences


Project Set-up

  • Creating a new After Effects project file
  • Learning about compositions and layers
  • Navigating in the composition panel
  • Adding effects and modifying layer properties
  • Animating compositions
  • Previewing your work


Basic Animations

  • Working with imported Illustrator files and layers
  • Applying and controlling effects to a layer
  • Using animation presets
  • Learning how to precompose layers


Animating Text

  • Understanding text layers
  • Creating and formatting point text
  • Learning to use the character and paragraph panels
  • Animating using keyframes
  • Knowing and using the easy ease command
  • Browsing animation presets
  • Customising animation presets
  • Working with Photoshop files in After Effects
  • Animating type tracking and opacity
  • Learning and using text animator group


Animating Multimedia Presentations

  • Keyframing motion paths
  • Duplicating keyframes to repeat an animation
  • Learning about supported audio file formats
  • Adding audio tracks to your After Effects project


Working With Shape Layers

  • Setting anchor points of a shape
  • Adding shape layers
  • Learning about the basics of working with a shape layer
  • Creating a custom and self-animating shape
  • Positioning layers with the snapping feature
  • Animating using path, position and scale
  • Learning to animate using parenting
  • Working with parent and child layers


Working With Masks

  • Introduction to masking
  • Learning how to create a mask
  • Editing and inverting a mask
  • Feathering a mask to make its edges softer
  • Replacing the content of a mask
  • Applying blending modes


Working With The Puppet Tools

  • Learning about the different puppet tools
  • Defining areas of overlap
  • Using position pins
  • Adding advanced and bend pins
  • Stiffening an area
  • Animating pin positions


Using 3D Features

  • Creating 3D text
  • Learning how to use the 3D views
  • Adding 3D lights and positioning them
  • Using spotlight and fill light
  • Adding camera for better effects
  • Extruding text to create 3D effects
  • Animating 3D text


The 3D Camera Tracker

  • Learning about the 3D camera tracker effect
  • Tracking your footage
  • Working with ground planes, cameras and solid layers
  • Locking an image to a plane


Additional Editing Techniques

  • Learning to stabilise a shot
  • Using the warp stabilizer VFX
  • Removing unwanted objects in your video
  • Using the timewarp effect to speed up or down your video footage
  • Understanding single-point motion tracking


Using The Roto Brush Tool

  • Introduction to rotoscoping
  • Creating a segmentation boundary
  • Adjusting the roto brush & refine edge effect
  • Learning how to use the refine edge tool
  • Changing backgrounds


Rendering & Final Output

  • Rendering the composition
  • Exporting using the render queue


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