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web design course - dreamweaver essentials level

Dreamweaver CC: Essentials

In this course, you will learn the necessary skills in building a website, creating and editing content. Instead of working with codes, you will learn to take advantage of Dreamweaver’s built-in features to design with typography, tables, lists, layouts, borders, backgrounds, navigations, images, interactive widgets, animation, videos and so on. Towards its completion, you will learn how to test your website for errors and publishing it to the World Wide Web.


Target Audience: New and basic users  | Prerequisite: Basic I.T. skill

Duration: 2 Days (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Course OutlineDownload in PDF format

Dreamweaver & Web Design Fundamentals

  • Knowing the Web Development Workflow
  • Introduction in the New Modernized Workspace
  • Choosing, Resetting and Saving a Workspace
  • Knowing the File Naming Conventions for HTML Pages
  • View Web Pages with the Code and Design Views
  • Testing Content with the Enhanced Live View
  • Using the Welcome Screen for Quick Access


Creating & Managing a Site

  • Understanding the Structure and Workflow of a Basic Site
  • Defining a Dreamweaver Site
  • Managing, Editing and Deleting a Site
  • Knowing how the Files Panel Works
  • Specifying Web Browsers as for Web Testing
  • Assigning the Primary and Secondary Preview Browsers


Working with Text, Lists & Tables

  • Using Content from an External Text Document
  • Including Time Stamp for an Article
  • Using the Auto-Update Feature for a Date
  • Using Bullet List, Number List and Sub-Lists
  • Finding and Replacing Text in a Web Page
  • Performing Spell-Check for Misspelled Text
  • Structuring a Tabular Structure For a Layout
  • Formatting Text, Tables and Lists
  • Sizing, Spacing and Formatting Table Elements
  • Splitting and Merging Table Cells


Working with Images, Assets & Favorites Items

  • Knowing the Web-Compliant Images Formats
  • Understanding Image Tag Accessibility Attributes
  • Editing an Image’s Size, Resolution, File format, Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast and More.
  • Aligning the Position of Images with a CSS Rule
  • Working with the Assets Panel
  • Sorting and Finding Content in the Assets Panel
  • Save Assets as Favorite Items for Repeated Use


Creating & Applying Cascading Style Sheets

  • Understand the Advantages of Using CSS
  • Know the Purposes of the Different CSS Types
  • Styling with Class, Tag and Advanced CSS Styles
  • Working with the New CSS Designer Panel
  • Filtering CSS Rules Applied to a Specific Element
  • Creating New CSS rules
  • Modifying the Different States of Hyperlinks
  • Attaching an External to a HTML Document
  • Exporting CSS Rules to an External Style Sheet


Adding Web Animation & Video

  • Inserting Web Animations
  • Adding HTML5 videos with Cross-Browser
  • Compatibility on Desktop and Mobile Devices
  • Tips for Video Playback on iOS Devices
  • Including Fallback Solutions for Video Playback for the Older Browsers
  • Adding Controls for the HTML5 Video Player
  • Adding Flash Videos
  • Choosing a Skin for The Flash Player


Designing a Page Layout

  • An Overview of HTML5 and CSS
  • Jumpstart in Web Design with a Starter Page
  • Editing and Removing Elements in Live View
  • Inserting Text and Images in Live View
  • Modifying Elements Using CSS in Live View
  • Working with the New Element Quick View
  • Selecting a HTML Element with the Tag Selector
  • Adding Background Image and Color
  • Adding Gradient Color in The Background
  • Editing an Element’s Size, Padding and Margin
  • Styling Text with Font Size, Color, Weight and Decorations
  • Designing an Element with Borders
  • Creating a Pattern Background Image
  • Adding Layout Elements
  • Creating Hyperlink Effects and Behaviors
  • Aligning Layout Elements with the Float property
  • Learning How to Overcome Challenges in Layouts
  • Inserting Images, Texts and Hyperlinks
  • Creating a Side Bar for Miscellaneous Content


Working with Templates & Library Items

  • Converting a Web Layout to a Template
  • Inserting, Editing and Removing Editable Regions
  • Generating Child Pages from a Template
  • Updating a Template to Apply Consistent Changes to the Entire Website
  • Saving Content as Library Items
  • Using Library Items to Instantly Update Changes Across the Entire Website


Integrating Web Links & Navigations

  • Adding Internal Links to Navigate Within a Site
  • Adding External Links to Navigate Out of a Site
  • Adding Email Links for Visitors to Contact You
  • Opening a Link in a New Browser Tab
  • Linking to Different Locations within the Same Page


Adding Interactivity

  • Adding a JavaScript-powered Interactive Map
  • Learn how to create an image-swapping effect


Testing & Publishing Your Web

  • Testing for Broken Links for the Entire Website
  • Checking for Incompatibility Issues
  • Publishing a Website
  • Uploading and Downloading Files between the Designer’s PC and Server
  • Synchronizing Files


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