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illustrator course - advanced level

Illustrator CC: Advanced

The objective of this course is to enable you in becoming more versatile and efficient in graphic design. You will learn valuable skill sets that the experienced designers use. Some examples are establishing workflows to automate instant changes on your graphics, designing seamless decorative patterns, showcasing 3D graphics and showing images in custom shapes, words and faded edges. If you are keen to improve your level of competency and productivity in Illustrator, this course is for you.


Target Audience: Intermediate users  | Prerequisite: Basic experience in Illustrator

Duration: 1 Day (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Download the course outline in PDF format

Creating & Handling Complex Shapes

  • Producing strokes with interesting wavy sides
  • Converting complex lines to shapes for more controls
  • Detecting and removing unneeded points automatically in complex artwork
  • Drawing efficiently with the different Drawing Modes
  • Adding graphics inside and behind another instantly
  • Merging and subtracting shapes to craft new ones
  • Constructing complex shapes with the Pathfinder
  • Painting out shapes with the Blob Brush tool


Automating Changes in Text Formatting

  • Knowing the purpose of the different type styles
  • Using a workflow to automate updates in text format
  • Saving text format as styles for recurring needs
  • Saving unrestricted styles for an adaptable editing
  • Exploring the options in type style panels and menus
  • Formatting text speedily with consistency in a click
  • Overwriting a text format across a file in an instant
  • Designing a dedicated style for important characters


Colors and Patterns

  • Incorporating Spot Colors (e.g. Pantone)
  • Utilizing ready patterns
  • Creating patterns from custom artwork
  • Configuring a pattern layout for the desired result
  • Coloring graphics efficiently with Live Paint
  • Coloring regions without the need for shapes
  • Closing gaps to enable more editable regions


Producing 3D Graphics

  • Fabricating 3D objects from 2D drawings
  • Managing the angle of presentation in 3D
  • Directing the lighting and shadow of a 3D object
  • Designing a 3D surface with a custom artwork

Automating Changes in Graphic Appearances and Effects

  • Adopting a productive workflow for graphic editing
  • Making in-depth edits with the Appearance panel
  • Enabling additional fills and strokes in a single graphic
  • Saving graphic styles for a reoccurring need
  • Designing graphics with consistency with styles
  • Overwriting an appearance across a file in an instant
  • Cascading an effect to the graphics by layers
  • Complementing graphics with multiple styles


Advanced Masking Techniques

  • Importing, linking and embedding images
  • Revealing a selected area of an image with masking
  • Constructing a mask effect with shapes
  • Masking an image with multiple graphics
  • Fading images with an advanced masking technique
  • Managing images via the Links panel
  • Replacing & updating linked images


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