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Web course - Web coding, Intro to HTML5 & CSS3

Intro to HTML5 & CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 are essences of the modern web design. It is important for designers to have a deeper knowledge of the current web technologies. In this course, you will be introduced to the necessary basics of HTML5 coding. You will learn how to create a richer web page together with CSS3 - beautiful creative effects, decorations, custom typefaces and multimedia content. You will learn how to improve the support of the modern web technology for the older browsers.


Target Audience: New and basic users  | Prerequisite: Basic I.T. skill

Duration: 2 Days (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

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HTML5 Basics

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Defining HTML5 documents
  • Working with HTML5 Syntax and Elements
  • Understanding the Outline Algorithm
  • Working with Document Structures


Create Rich Content with HTML5 Media

  • Introduction to HTML Multimedia
  • Understand the Problems of Audio Media
  • Solutions for Audio Media across Browsers
  • Playing Video in HTML5
  • Video Formats and Browser Support
  • Playing YouTube Videos in HTML5
  • Working with a Canvas
  • Using SVG graphics in HTML5
  • Knowing the Advantages of using SVG


CSS3 Colors, Gradients & Transparency Effects

  • Understanding Color Formats in CSS3
  • Manipulate an Element’s Transparency with CSS3
  • Applying CSS3 Colour Gradients
  • Creating Linear Gradients
  • Creating Radial Gradients
  • Creating Complex Gradients the Smart Way


Decorate with CSS3 Borders & Backgrounds

  • Designing Elements with a Border
  • Creating a Rounded Border
  • Adding CSS3 Shadow Effects
  • Creating a Border with a Custom Image
  • Designing with a CSS3 Background
  • Manipulating multiple CSS3 Backgrounds


CSS3 Type Design

  • Working with Web Fonts
  • Embedding License-Free Fonts
  • Designing with Text Effects
  • Adding Text Shadows
  • Layout Text with Multiple Columns to Improve Legibility
  • Understanding Multiple Column Properties


CSS3 Transforms & Transitions

  • Applying 2D Transforms: Scale, Rotate, Translate and Skew
  • Animating a CSS3 Transition Effect
  • Creating a Mouse-Over Effects
  • Applying Multiple Changes in a Transition


Improving HTML5 & CSS3 Support

  • Knowing the Fall-Back Solutions
  • Knowing the Current Browser Support
  • Adding Support for the Older Browsers


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