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Premiere Pro CC: Advanced

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a video-editing software that is designed for both amateur & advanced users. If you have been a casual user of Premiere and would like to advance your skill-set in video editing, then this course is for you. You will learn how to utilise the multi-camera editing capability, easily add subtitles/captions, advanced video editing techniques, nesting sequences, using the new audio remix tool, managing Premiere Project file and many more.


Target Audience: Intermediate users

Prerequisite: With Premiere Pro experience.

Things to bring: A pair of earphones/headphones, ideally wired with 35mm jack for compatibility.

Duration: 2 Days (9am - 5pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Course OutlineDownload in PDF format

Advanced Video Editing Techniques

  • Using Morph Cut to join two similar clips together.
  • Learning about another clip replacement technique.
  • Nesting sequences in more complex video projects.
  • Mastering regular & advanced trimmings.
  • Making rolling edits to adjust the clip timing.
  • Creating & saving often-used video presets.
  • Combining masking with green screen clips.
  • Creating & using clipping masks in Premiere.
  • Standardizing text formats with Text Styles.
  • Creating Photoshop files inside Premiere.
  • Learning how to use the new Simplify Sequence command.
  • Tidying the video/audio timeline by removing empty tracks, flattening Multi-Camera clips, Through edits, Transitions & others.
  • Working with Proxies to increase processing speed.


Multi-Camera Editing

  • Understanding what is multi-camera editing.
  • Creating and editing videos with footages taken from multiple cameras.
  • Learning how to cut from one camera footage to another.


Subtitles & Captions

  • Introduction to subtitles & captions.
  • Using the new speech to text captioning feature.
  • Editing the auto-generated scripts.
  • Adjusting the timing of the captions to the video.


Advanced Audio Editing

  • Knowing about J & L cuts.
  • Auto-setting audio loudness
  • Repairing audio clips, such as reducing noise, rumble, reverb & dehum.
  • Increasing clarity of an audio clip.
  • Using the new Remix tool to adjust the music duration to match the video clip length.
  • Synchronizing music beat to movie clips.


Managing Premiere Project Files

  • Making media files online & offline.
  • Using the Project Manager to consolidate all your Premiere Project & media files.
  • Removing unused clips from your project file.
  • Consolidating duplicates (clips) in your Premiere Project file.
  • Removing cache & preview files to optimize disk space.



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