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Premiere Pro CC: Essentials

In Adobe Premiere Pro CC, you’ll find a video-editing system that supports the latest technology and cameras with powerful tools that are easy to use. These tools integrate perfectly with almost every type of media. This course is designed for beginners who would like to learn about the fundamentals of video and audio editing. It also includes color corrections, adding titles, credits, effects, and many more.


Target Audience: New and basic users

Prerequisite: Basic I.T. skill

Things to bring: A pair of earphones/headphones, ideally wired with 35mm jack for compatibility.

Duration: 3 Days (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Course OutlineDownload in PDF format


  • Understanding the standard digital video workflow
  • Knowing more about the file structure of a Premiere Pro project file


About the Workspace

  • Learning about the Premiere Pro workspace and how to manage them
  • Customizing Premiere Pro preferences settings to better fit your work style


Setting Up A Project

  • Creating a new Premiere Pro project file for the first time
  • Exploring the different video rendering & playback settings
  • Setting the video & audio display formats based on your final output requirements
  • Learning about the setting up of a video sequence


Importing Media

  • Importing assets into your Premiere Pro project file
  • Working with ingest options & proxy media
  • Understanding supported video file types
  • Finding assets with the Media Browser panel
  • Importing still image files


Organizing Media

  • Managing files with the Project panel
  • Working with bins to organize your assets
  • Using the playback controls to view your video footage


Video Editing Essentials

  • Learning how to use the source monitor for previewing your video and audio assets
  • Using the Timeline panel for video editing
  • Creating a sequence in the Timeline panel
  • Understanding what are conforming, tracks, In & Out points
  • Knowing the difference between an overwrite edit & an insert edit


About Clips & Markers

  • Using the Program monitor controls
  • Setting the playback resolution
  • Exploring the different types of markers
  • Knowing when to use sync locks & track locks
  • Finding and removing video gaps in your sequence
  • Discovering the different ways to select clips and managing them
  • Learning how to delete segments such as lift edit & extract edit
  • Disabling a clip in the timeline panel


Video Transitions

  • Introducing video transitions
  • Learning how to add video transitions into your sequence
  • Using the A/B mode to fine tune a transition
  • Adding audio transitions to reduce sudden audio changes


Animating Clips

  • Learning about the different ways to animate your clips
  • Adjusting the motion effects in your video clips
  • Using motion effects to enhance your video
  • Adding special effects to your animations


Working With Audio Files

  • Introducing audio in video editing
  • Setting up your workspace to work with audio
  • Recording a voice-over track
  • Adjusting audio volume using audio gain
  • Standardizing the volume across multiple clips
  • Reducing background music during dialog playback
  • Understanding advance volume changes with keyframing


Creating Video Effects

  • Learning how to work with different video effects
  • Working with master clip effects
  • Using frequently used effects


Color Correction & Grading

  • Understanding the need to correct colors in video clips
  • Following a color-oriented workflow in Premiere Pro
  • Using the comparison view for color correction
  • Learning how to color match your video clips
  • Exploring the different color-oriented effects
  • Fixing color balance in your footage
  • Creating a special “look” in your video


Exporting Video Files

  • Exporting a single frame to be used as your title screen
  • Creating a master copy for final output
  • Introducing the Adobe Media Encoder CC
  • Choosing a right file format for exporting
  • Uploading your video to YouTube & other social media
  • Exchanging your Premiere Pro files with other editing applications


Compositing Techniques

  • Using alpha channels to compose your video
  • Working with the opacity effect during composition
  • Employing tracks and blend mode for advanced composition
  • Controlling opacity changes with keyframing


Graphics Creation

  • Overviewing of the Graphics panel
  • Mastering video typography essentials
  • Creating the different types of text
  • Working with shapes & logos
  • Creating a rolling credits screen at the beginning or end of a video
  • Simplifying graphics creation using template titles


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