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photoshop course - advanced level

Photoshop CC: Advanced

Have you always thought that only the Adobe “Experts” or “Gurus” can do complex selections, change colors of a subject at will and create fascinating composites? The answer is NO. It’s time for you to ENJOY using Photoshop like everyone else! This course makes the advanced techniques as easy as A-B-C! So hop right in, join the club of Photoshop Experts!


Target Audience: Intermediate users  | Prerequisite: Basic experience in Photoshop

Duration: 1 Day (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Course OutlineDownload in PDF format

Optimizing Photoshop

  • Understanding the deciding factors for Photoshop performances
  • Controlling Memory Usage via RAM allocation
  • Managing the virtual memory - Scratch Disks
  • Relieving “hidden” memory usage
  • Tips to improving performances in Photoshop
  • Personalising Photoshop to your preferences
  • Restoring Photoshop to the “factory standard”


Advanced Layers Manipulation Techniques

  • Learning how to have the top layer interact with the bottom-most layer with the Knockout command
  • Removing white outlines after an extraction
  • Making use of the Advanced Blending command to control Layer Styles
  • Understanding the difference between Deep Knockout and Shallow Knockout
  • Unlocking the mystery of using the Blend If command to combine layers
  • Applying Layer Styles with the Blend If command


Advanced Selections With Channels

  • Selecting complex objects with Channels
  • In depth understanding of the Color Channels
  • Manipulating the Color channels for extraction purpose
  • Adjusting the channels for better masking
  • Selecting images with flyaway hair
  • Learning how to use the Calculations command to combine multiple channels


Automation With Actions

  • Understanding the concept of packaging multiple Photoshop commands into one Action
  • Learning how to create an Action
  • Applying a recorded Action on an image
  • Using a recorded Action on multiple images
  • Using Auto Save and Close in an Action


Placing An Image On To A Contoured Surface

  • Introduction to the technique of realistically superimposing an image onto a contoured surface
  • Learning what a Displacement Map is and its basic properties
  • Understanding the process of creating the Displacement Map
  • Applying the Displacement Map
  • Fine tuning the image after the Displacement Map had been applied


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